Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Callaway, MD

Cleaning your cat or dog’s teeth really can make a difference. You might be surprised to know that gingivitis and gum disease are prevalent in pets, and can develop when they’re as young as three years old. Just as good dental hygiene is important for humans, it’s also important for our pets! Small breed dogs are especially prone to having dental problems, which is why we recommend yearly oral exams (conducted during the wellness visit) to check for issues and determine whether a cleaning is needed. Our veterinarians in Callaway can also show you how to brush your pet’s teeth, and can offer dietary recommendations to supplement their at-home care.

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Our Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Services

To provide your pet with complete dental care throughout their life, we offer the following cat and dog teeth cleaning services:

  • Oral exams
  • Digital full-mouth X-rays
  • Dental prophylaxis (cleaning) with ultrasonic scaling tool
  • Root planing (removing plaque from tooth root surface below the gum line)
  • Tooth extractions
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Periodontal charting (to check depth of gum pockets around the teeth)
  • Application of antibiotics below the gum line
Kitten after her teeth cleaning

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Procedure Expectations

Before any cat or dog teeth cleaning procedure, we take full-mouth X-rays to check for damage below the gum line. This allows us to look more closely for hidden problems and see if any teeth need to be extracted. One of our technicians will then clean your pet’s teeth, which involves removing plaque and calculus from the surface of the tooth above and below the gum line using an ultrasonic scaler. Next, we apply a fluoride treatment to protect the teeth and prevent future plaque and tartar buildup. If necessary, we will also apply an antibiotic gel under the gum line.

To preserve your pet’s health, any loose and decaying teeth need to be extracted. As difficult as it can be to have a pet lose teeth, we can promise that they will feel much better once their gums have fully healed.

Signs Your Pet Needs an Oral Exam

Adult pets should have their teeth checked once a year, and we recommend check ups every 6 months for senior pets. However, any sign of a problem is worth our attention, and we suggest keeping an eye out for the following:

  • Difficulty eating/chewing
  • Bad breath
  • Brown/yellow teeth
  • Loose/broken teeth
  • Red, swollen gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Swelling around the mouth/face

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