Managing Canine Noise Aversion in Callaway Pets

Does your pet take cover at the first sign of a storm? Do they stick to you like glue and follow you from room to room? It might seem endearing at first, but your pet is probably under a lot of stress. At All Kinds Veterinary Hospital, we know that the stress caused by noise aversion can make life difficult for pets and their families. Therefore, we’re happy to recommend some canine noise aversion options to make noise events easier for them (and you) to manage.

Canine Noise Aversion for Callaway Pets: Dog Worrisome Over Loud Noises

Canine Noise Aversion for Callaway Pets: Nervous Dog Laying in Bed

Common Signs of Noise Aversion

Along with hiding or being unusually clingy, pets with noise aversion may also:

  • Pace back and forth continuously
  • Lay down, get up, and lay down again, over and over
  • Tremble uncontrollably
  • Refuse to eat
  • Whine, bark, or whimper
  • Crouch down and remain in the same spot, unmoving
  • Become destructive in their attempt to get away from the noise (scratching at doors, chewing furniture)

Ways to Reduce Stress and Increase Calm

Our animal hospital offers a few options for calming your pet without sedating them. This means that while they are more relaxed, they are also still alert and able to eat, play, and interact with you.

Composure Pro

Composure Pro chews contain natural ingredients including tryptophan, theanine, and thiamine. They look (and taste) just like regular treats and support stress reduction and cognitive function in dogs.


Sileo is the first FDA-approved oromucosal gel for dogs that specifically addresses noise aversion and anxiety in dogs. “Oromucosal” refers to the gel being placed between the cheek and gums, where it is absorbed into the mucous membranes (and not ingested). Sileo is effective, safe, and fast-acting, working within 30 minutes to calm your dog and allow them to remain alert and relaxed during thunderstorms and other noise events.


Another option for calming your pet without using sedatives is the Thundershirt. The Thundershirt is a garment that fits snugly around your pet’s midsection to make them feel more secure. The swaddling effect has been found to help both dogs and cats get through thunderstorms and other noisy events, like fireworks celebrations.