Important COVID-19 Information:

Effective immediately, masks are no longer required inside of the practice for staff and clients! If you feel safer or more comfortable wearing a mask, you are welcome to continue doing so. If you would like to use curbside service, please call (301) 994-9919 upon arrival to your appointment and inform a member of our team of your wishes. We hope to see you soon!

Please let us know if you have any questions and please continue to follow our Facebook page for any additional updates.

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Veterinarian in Callaway, MD

We all have our reasons for getting up in the morning. For our veterinarians and staff here in Callaway, it’s having the opportunity to help pets and their owners and build lasting relationships in our community. We love the small-town feel that Callaway offers, and we strive to create that atmosphere in our animal hospital to make our two-legged and four-legged guests feel comfortable. All Kinds Veterinary Hospital combines modern, state-of-the-art veterinary medicine with traditional integrity and a warm, welcoming environment to help everyone feel at home. Contact our veterinarian in Callaway, MD and schedule your next visit with us today.

Veterinarian and Animal Hospital in Callaway, MD

Our Veterinarian’s All Kinds Philosophy

Our goal is to not only keep pets healthy and owners happy, but to be a trusted partner in the lifelong care of your companion, and be the first source you can turn to for help. We like to take as much time as possible with our patients so we can give them the full attention they deserve, and address all your questions. Our veterinarians never subscribe to cookie-cutter wellness programs, but treat every case as special. It’s our responsibility to educate our clients to the best of our ability and provide the highest quality of care to cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and pocket pets, and occasionally even fish!

Veterinary Services at Our Animal Hospital in Callaway

We love getting to know our neighbors, and seeing new clients walk through our doors. Whether you’re from Great Mills, Leonardtown, Lusby, St. Mary’s County or anywhere else in Southern Maryland, you can expect to be welcomed like family. Our animal hospital is equipped to perform a broad range of services, including:

Wellness and preventive care are essential to your pet’s health and longevity, and we’ll work closely with you to develop a plan that fulfills all of their needs. We’re dedicated, heart and soul, to making sure your companion is happy and thriving as much as possible.

Get to Know Our Animal Hospital

We encourage you to browse through the rest of our website to get to know our team, learn about our services, and more! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment here in Callaway, call us today at (301) 994-9919.

Our Policies

Client Etiquette Policy:
Effective immediately, any behavior related to being unkind to our staff (passive aggressive comments, disrespect, yelling or cursing of any kind, or lashing out over the phone or during appointments), will result in immediate termination of services.

Appointment Policy:
In accordance to our new appointment policy, we ask all of our clients to confirm their appointments the business night prior to their visit. If we do not receive a confirmation, we will cancel your appointment.

Refill Request Policy:

To ensure your pet does not go without their necessary medication/prevention/prescription foods, we ask our clients to please closely monitor what they have and request a refill as soon as they can.

  • For prescription refill requests for medications/preventions filled “in house” will require 3 business days for completion.
  • For special order medications, we request a 10 day notice for refills due to shipping.
  • Prescription requests for medications/preventions/prescription foods that are sent to an outside vendor, will require 10 business days to review, complete and submit.


Please read more about our new policies here.

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