Your Exotic Vet in Callaway, MD

At All Kinds Veterinary Hospital in Callaway, MD, we’re dedicated to living up to our name and providing the highest quality care to a wide variety of pets, from dogs and cats to iguanas, ferrets and hamsters. Every pet deserves excellent veterinary care, because their life is valuable—no matter how big or small they happen to be. How to properly care for an exotic pet is not widely known, and in the case of small mammals, many assume they are easy to care for. That is not truly the case, and we believe it is important to educate the owners of exotics and small mammals in the proper care of their pets.

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Exotic Pet Wellness Care and Exams

An introductory appointment for your new exotic pet or small mammal is extremely important, whether you’re a first-time owner or have years of experience. The best way for us to help you care for your exotic pet is to map out a health history as early in their life as possible. Major topics that we will discuss during your appointment will include:

  • Habitat
  • Nutrition/feeding
  • Handling/socialization
  • Cleaning
  • Grooming
  • How to notice signs of illness

Our exotic veterinarians in Callaway, MD, devote as much time as possible to speaking one-on-one with pet owners, sharing their knowledge and answering any questions that arise. Wellness and preventive care is essential for exotics and small mammals, who may become ill without showing immediate, obvious signs. We recommend bringing in your exotic pet or small mammal at least once a year so we can conduct a physical exam and compare their current health to the baseline we established at their first visit.

Ferret at our animal hospitalFerret at our animal hospital

Your pet’s habitat will have a significant impact on their health. Their enclosure should be safe, secure, the correct size and temperature, and cleaned as often as your veterinarian recommends. Proper diet is also crucial. We would be happy to offer dietary suggestions, and show you how to handle and groom your pet (if necessary).

We’re Here for You and Your Exotic Pet

Don’t hesitate to contact our animal hospital here in Callaway, MD, if your exotic pet or small mammal needs medical attention. Even if you just have questions for us, we want to help you in any way we can! Just give us a call at (301) 994-9919 or request an appointment online.