Pet Exams in Callaway, MD

At All Kinds Veterinary Hospital, we strive for customized service in all aspects of our care. This is especially true for our pet wellness care. We know individual pet needs are often very different from one another and we work to counsel owners on their medical, nutritional and behavioral health. During a pet wellness exam, we’ll give a thorough physical that includes weight, temperature, eye, and mouth checks. Our wellness care services, along with any others, are available to pet families throughout Southern Maryland.

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Preventing Issues with Pet Exams and Wellness Care

Sometimes a pet wellness exam may alert us to underlying medical conditions in your companion. The earlier we catch things like cancerous tumors and dental disease, the easier it is to treat your pet. You can potentially prevent larger medical issues when you bring your companion in for annual exams and we’ll run the proper diagnostics to accurately diagnose any illness.

Pet wellness care is also the time to address preventative care for things like fleas, ticks and heartworms. Spaying and neutering may also prevent medical and behavioral conditions. During a wellness exam, we’ll advise you on the best time to have this surgery for your breed and type of pet. We’ll discuss a vaccination schedule for new puppies and kittens to protect them from dangerous diseases and update boosters for adult pets. If your pet has entered into their senior years, we recommend semi-annual wellness exams to give your companion the best care possible.

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Behavioral & Nutritional Pet Counseling

We work towards developing life-long relationships with our patients and their humans. Part of developing this relationship involves listening to any concerns our clients have about their pet’s medical health, but also concerns about their behavioral health. The food your pet is eating also affects their health and we want to make sure your fur-baby is getting the proper nutrients. We’ll look at your pet’s lifestyle to make behavioral and nutritional recommendations where it’s needed. If your pet is lacking certain nutrients in their diet it can manifest outwardly in a variety of ways, including anxiety and skin conditions. It’s important for certain pets to have plenty of exercise, and we can determine all of this at your pets next wellness exam visit. Please contact us at (301) 994-9919 with any questions! We’re here for the pets and people of Southern Maryland.