6 Things You Should Add to Your Guinea Pig’s Cage to Make Them Happy

Guinea pigs are tiny little pets, but they need a lot of space to be happy. Although these pets are small, they still need a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation. While you cannot be with them every second of the day, there are things you can add to their cage to make them happy!

1.  Carefresh or Similar Paper Substrate Fleece

On the bottom of any cage, there needs to be a material that catches the urine and feces of a guinea pig, while also being biodegradable. Guinea pigs are simple creatures that love little things like shredded paper.

These small critters can eat and chew the Carefresh or paper substrate fleece without feeling any negative effects since it is completely safe. This makes them happy by providing them with something to do and they can consume it without hurting their stomachs. 

2.  Paper Bags and Hiding Places

Technically, you can purchase a small bag and tape it to the inside of the cage, but it is more fun to make one. Fold the paper into the shape of a bag that can hold your guinea pig, based on their size and weight. 

Your furry companion will have lots of fun jumping in and out of their new hiding place. This is a creative idea for people who like to do crafts and have the time to make the small accessories for the cage.

It is important that you only use paper! Guinea pigs like to chew on everything and if you use materials like metal or plastic, they can hurt their teeth or accidentally ingest it.

3.  Tunnels

Adding tunnels is a great addition to your guinea pig habitat. In the wild, these animals make their own tunnels by digging. The tunnels should be large enough to just fit your guinea pig, they may not like it if it is too big. Tunnels need to feel tight.

4.  Fresh Vegetables 

Guinea pigs love fresh vegetables! These large nibbling animals enjoy fresh foods and will love you for putting it in their cages. Just be careful when adding vegetables. Try and slice them up into smaller chunks. For example, instead of providing your guinea pig with a large carrot, use baby carrots.

Also, vegetables can rot in your guinea pig’s cage. If you notice that they don’t like a specific type of food, eliminate it quickly. This way, you don’t attract bugs and bacteria that can harm your guinea pig.

5.  A DIY Maze

Did you know that guinea pigs love mazes and are extremely active? They love to zoom around, and when happy they’ll “popcorn”. That’s guinea pig language for “cute little jumps in the air”. You can create a mini-DIY maze using household materials. Your pet will thank you for it!

A great way to start this project is to find paper towel rolls and combine them together with safe to eat tape. Try not to use glue as your furry friends will probably chew on their maze.

You can also purchase a maze from a store and attach it to your guinea pig’s cage to expand it. The larger it is, the more room your furry friend has to run around and stretch their legs. These lovable pets like having something to do and with a maze strengthen their mind and physical bodies.

To encourage your guinea pig to use the maze, you can add treats to the very end of the maze or entice them with toys. There are lots of jingling toys that make noise that attract guinea pigs. The noises stimulate their senses and gets their attention quickly.

6.  Grass Chew Ball Treats

Who doesn’t love treats? Guinea pigs have sensitive stomachs and should only be fed a strict diet to ensure that they don’t have any digestive problems. This doesn’t mean treats are off the table, though! There are special grass chew ball treats made with ingredients high in fiber.

One of your guinea pig’s favorite things to do is chew! They like to eat and nibble on things to sharpen their teeth. These chew ball treats not only taste delicious and stimulate their senses but are also safe to consume! You should limit the treats though to ensure that they maintain a proper diet and remain healthy.

Guinea Pig Roundup

To recap, guinea pigs are great family pets that can provide years of enjoyment and happiness provided they receive the proper care. Our veterinarians recommend annual exams for your exotic companions! Remember, although small, guinea pigs need a large cage with lots of toys, tunnels and treats to keep them entertained. Overall, these cute pets don’t need a lot to be happy!

If you have any guinea pig questions, give our team at All Kinds Veterinary Hospital, animal hospital in Callaway, MD, a call at (301) 994-9919.