Fall & Halloween Pet Safety in Callaway: A Cat Stands Next to a Jack-o'-lantern

Fall & Halloween Pet Safety in Callaway

Fall is a fun season for people and their pets. The weather is cooler, the leaves are changing color, and there’s pumpkin spice flavored everything. Just remember, like every season, fall has its own set of dangers that pet owners must be aware of so their animal companions stay safe.

Our animal hospital has some fall and Halloween pet safety tips for you to help your best friends enjoy the season.

  • Keep your pet indoors when trick-or-treaters come to your door. All the strangers coming around can make even the calmest pets anxious.
  • If you have an anxious pet, put them in a quiet room that’s far away from the Halloween night hustle and bustle. Consider using pheromone spray to keep them calm or play relaxing music.
  • If your pet is part of any fall festivities, make sure they have proper identification. A collar with an I.D. tag and an up-to-date microchip are excellent ways to keep your pet connected with you.
  • Don’t let your pet have candy or sweets. Chocolate, the artificial sweetener xylitol, candy wrappers, and other people foods are dangerous for animals and should be kept far out of their reach. Play it safe and only give your pet food that’s approved by your veterinarian.
  • Think twice before dressing your pet up in a costume. Although your ferret may look cute dressed as Elvis, or your cat makes an adorable pirate, costumes can be very uncomfortable for animals. If they’re too tight or too hot, your pet will become frightened because they have no clue what’s going on.
  • Keep your pet’s parasite preventatives up-to-date. Playing in piles of leaves is great, but fleas and ticks are often hiding in fall foliage. We can help you pick a parasite preventative that fits your pet’s lifestyle.
  • Think twice before using rodenticide. Rat and mouse poison are dangerous for any creature that consumes it – this includes your pets. If you want to get unwelcomed guests out of your home, consider using a catch-and-release trap or peppermint oil.
  • Watch out for mushrooms. Mushrooms are common in our area in the fall, and some species of mushrooms are poisonous to animals. Your best bet is to steer your pet away from any mushrooms they come across in your backyard or on walks.
Fall & Halloween Pet Safety in Callaway: A Dog Stands on a Sidewalk Covered in Leaves

Want More Halloween or Fall Pet Safety Tips?

Do you want more tips for keeping your pet safe this fall? Let an All Kinds Veterinary Animal Hospital team member know and we’d be happy to help you!