Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Clothes?

Cats are adorable pets and like to feel both comfortable and secure. Have you ever seen a cat sleeping nicely on top of your clothes? They aren’t doing it on purpose or to make a mess. Actually, most cats will lay on top of their owner’s clothes because it brings them comfort.

cat sleep on clothes

Reasons for this Cat Behavior

Your Cat Wants Comfort

So, why is your cat sleeping on top of your nicely folded laundry? They aren’t doing it on purpose or to spread their thin fur throughout your home. Actually, when a cat lies on your clothes, it is a sign that they love and trust you. Your clothes, you see, have your scent in them, which is calming and familiar.

Sometimes, when cats are feeling affectionate, but you are not around, they will search for the next best thing; your clothes! You should carefully watch your cat, though, as sometimes laying on your clothes could mean that they are feeling unwell and seek comfort. This is a common practice for cats that are sick as the scent eases them.


There is also a sense of stability and familiarity when it comes to laying on their owner’s clothes. Cats also are specific and particular, meaning they have their own likes and dislikes. It may be as simple as your cat likes lying on your clothes because they feel comfortable. The texture and material are likely soft and warm. Think about it and ask yourself a few questions.

  • What does the material feel like?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Is this piece of clothing important to them?

Cats sometimes will get attached to things that they use a lot as kittens because it has the scent of their mother, which brings good memories and positive feelings. If you have known your cat since they were young, it could be that they attribute you to their mother or as a parental figure.

How to Make Your Cat Feel Secure

If you want to continue making your cat feel secure, there are many ways you can go about it. Although you can use different materials, once you know what makes them comfortable, it is also a good sign to make them feel homey by providing them with safe spaces and toys.

Usually, this is the first step when you introduce a cat to your home for the first time. Sadly, adopted cats don’t always have the best start to their lives, meaning they can be squeamish and nervous while in front of their owners and their new home. How does your cat know that this new space is their home? You will need to introduce them to the idea by bringing in safe objects.

For example, as stated previously, some cats are raised with a blanket or object that is dear and close to them. If your cat was raised and born in a baby blanket, it is good to keep that blanket close. Make sure to also give your new cat space. They will need space so that they can get used to their new surroundings on their terms. If not, this can cause feelings of confusion and anxiety, making it harder for them to associate you with home, stability, and security.

Our veterinarians recommend making a cat comfort corner. Corners offer stability and protection. Your cat can lean against the walls of the corner, but not feel trapped since there are no walls stopping them on the other side. 

Making a Cat Corner

Surprisingly, it is actually really easy to make your own cat comfort corner. First, though, find an open area that your cat already likes. It is best to find a corner where there is a lack of furniture and a lot of open space. This space can provide them with comfort and ease their anxieties.

When you find the right corner, add a blanket that has the scent of its owner and any toys they like. This will help them understand that the corner is for their use. It is good to establish a sense of familiarity. You can also add catnip to the area so that your cat feels happy and excited.

Another good practice to consider when making a cat corner is to add engaging toys and items such as mice that make sound and cat treat puzzles.

If You’re Concerned About Your Cat Sleeping on Your Clothes Because They Are Ill, Contact Our Animal Hospital

Overall, cats are amazing pets that require special attention and affection. Although most people assume that dogs are the only animal that wants attention and comfort, this is not the case. Cats will often lay down on top of their owner’s clothing when they feel stressed and want comfort.

The scent of the clothes helps them fall asleep and feel at ease. Sometimes, the material and fabric of the clothes are the targets as some cats are peculiar and have their own bursting personalities.

If you have concerns that your cat may be sleeping on their clothes because they are not feeling well, reach out to our Callaway, MD, animal hospital at (301) 994-9919