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New to All Kinds?  

Before you come to the hospital for your pet's appointment, please download our New Patient form, fill it out and bring it with you. Do you have medical history and records for your pet from another veterinary facility? Feel free to drop them off, have your other veterinary office fax or mail them to us, or bring them with you.  We can scan pertinent medical history, lab reports and any other critical information into our computer database so that your pet's medical history is complete within our system.

Your appointment begins with one of the doctors and a technician greeting you and your pet, and then entering an exam room to begin your pet's full physical exam.  After talking with you and obtaining a medical history and the reason for your appointment, the doctor will begin at the nose and thoroughly work their way to your pet's tail by checking eyes, ears, mouth, heart and lungs, musculature, bone structure, abdomen and skin.  Limbs are put through a full range of motion while the doctor looks for any signs of arthritis.  Once the physical exam is complete, the doctor will make recommendations based upon his or her findings, along with the medical and environmental history you provide.

While we can certainly do quite a lot for your pet here at AKVH sometimes we need to refer you to veterinary specialists who have extensive training and expertise in fields such as internal medicine, surgery or cardiac medicine.  We know our limits and really do want the best for your pets!

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