The Problem with Using Flexi Leashes in Callaway

The Problems with a Flexi Leash in Callway: A Flexi Leash Not Being AllowedFlexi leashes are a popular product among dog owners. With a retractable lead that can extend out to about 20 feet, it sounds like the perfect leash to allow your dog the freedom to roam around without running off. However, Flexi leashes are often used incorrectly, and in some cases can put the dog, their owner, and even other animals in danger. They can also make our animal hospital less safe for your pet and other people’s pets.

Here are several reasons why we do not recommend using a Flexi leash with your dog:

  • Please do not bring your dog to the veterinarian’s office on a Flexi leash. If the lead is fully extended, your dog can easily run around a corner and disappear from view, get tangled up with other dogs, or even end up being attacked by another dog.
  • Other dogs and cats can become more stressed and anxious as a result of your pet being able to approach them.
  • The thin lead used for many Flexi leashes can burn the skin if it ends up coiling around your leg or your dog’s. Attempting to grip the lead with your hand can also lead to painful burns if your dog attempts to bolt.
  • Walking your pet on a Flexi leash near a busy road is also risky for obvious reasons. If your dog runs out into the road with 15 feet of lead separating them from you, it’s going to be very difficult for you to pull them back.
  • Avoid walking your pet or bringing them to the dog park with a Flexi leash. There are likely too many animals around for it to be safe.
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What You Should Do Instead

  • Make sure your pet is well trained. Dogs want to please and know their place in the hierarchy of your family. Teach them to walk at your side, never pull on their lead, and come when called.
  • Look for a sturdy, 6-foot long leather leash to use instead for walking and taking your dog to the vet.
  • Flexi leashes are best reserved for small dogs in enclosed areas where no other dogs or people are present. These leashes can be used properly, but their usage should be limited based on your dog’s breed and temperament.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

Do you have a Flexi leash or know someone who has one? Looking for better recommendations? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help!