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20865 Callaway Village Way #4 Callaway, MD 20620


“We believe that your pet’s care is a priority; our goal is to provide quality, compassionate veterinary care for a reasonable cost.  We believe in improving the quality of life of our patients through the education of ourselves, our staff and our clients.”

AKVH constantly strives to stay on top of the latest developments in medicine and technology.  Keeping up with advances in veterinary medicine allows us to provide better quality care to your pets.  We do our best to keep costs minimal and within reason, while bringing you and your pets the best in treatment and surgical options.

Unlike most veterinary practices, our longer appointment times allow us to spend ample time with each patient and client in order to assure all questions are answered, and all options have been addressed.

We know that by providing pet owners with the knowledge and education to make informed choices, we can do our part to ensure that their pets live a longer and better quality life.

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